Sunday, November 7, 2010

What We Want You to Know

By Katie

Coming out of a five year relationship and soaking my feet in this “oh-so-new to me” modern dating world. As a single white female, I have certainly seen how a guy conducts himself with a woman and society. Instead of having to look like a bitch saying “umm are you f*ckn’ serious?”, I wish that we could just hit the “dislike button”… he’d instantly get the notification, and we would move on from there…But no, I deal with it till I make my escape(yes, chicks do it too) because no guy likes a punky douchebag- so I take my class act to the exit, ignore him from that point on, and let him ponder on what went wrong. Don’t let this be you, so take notes boys(or print it).

1. Hygiene- I’m not saying be a chick and take obnoxiously long showers and make your girl wait while you friggen pluck your eyebrows. Shit like that should get done on your own time; we appreciate it but don’t need to see it. ALWAYS try to smell nice, brush your teeth daily and have regular dentist visits(mouth maintenance in key), keep your health in check, and take a shower before you want to play- but you should already know this.
2. Humor- A guy who can find humor in the most awkward circumstances will, FOR SURE, make your lady friend more comfortable with you. Once an awkward moment arises, a girl’s first reaction is NOT to notice what actually is happening BUT how you react and handle the situation at hand. Yeah, a chick likes when a guy can protect her but loves when you make her feel safe and comfortable. Bustin’ out a joke in the worst of conditions will do more to your bond than trying to be a hero and fight a fight that had nothing to do with you in the first place. If you can make us laugh, it increases your chances with getting away with something…but don’t be a stand-up and try to abuse it.
3. Play Nice- Be a “gentleman’s gentleman”. Showing respect to other men and acknowledging one another in a mature fashion is a turn on, believe it or not. No one likes a punk who’s all juiced up just waiting to throw down. A BIG “see-ya-later” move for me. Respecting your guy friends, making time for them, and not talking shit behind any of their backs show that you’re capable of some key factors in a (co-ed) relationship. Let’s just see if you know how to convert from your bromance to an actual romance.
4. Go “old school” on our ass- Every girl likes a nice boy. After my first few dates, I realized there were a lot of smooth moves out there. For example, paying the bill on your first night out to dinner, walking on the street side of the sidewalk so my ass won't get clipped: We think it’s sweet), remembering her little stories or things she previously stated (reminding us that you were paying attention is a turn on because we’re embedded to assume you forgot), holding the door, asking HER questions and asking another question even after you got the answer. Don’t make it seem like you want to ask her a question in hopes she reciprocates so you can talk about how cool you are – because we would probably disagree after your story. Show interest because you genuinely want to know – I’m cool with not talking about my life just to fill the air. Send short sweet text messages throughout the day (we text. deal with it) but don’t make it look like your being an unproductive bum just sending sweet nothings on the every half hour….
5. You better be employed- No job=No money=No chance=No girl. Seriously though, NO hot classy ladies want a deadbeat for a boyfriend. Make moves, no excuses. Showing your lazy side(too much) isn’t only a turn off but puts that look of resentment on our face when, uh, we want to sleep in too…Don’t let it get there ‘cause then that’s on you.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your father....hehehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should read this shit once before putting it out there. Far to many missprints.

Brian Nault said...

i think u mean 'too' many

Lau said...

relax anonymous #2!! andddd "walking on the street side of the sidewalk so my ass won't get clipped" ...amazzinngg haha

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