Thursday, November 25, 2010

Read Between HER Lines by Katie Utterback


Avoid an argument with your girl

by knowing beforehand what

she’s really saying…

Her Text                                             Translation

“What you do last night?”                                   Who were you with last night? Because I will find out

“I’m excited to hang out tonight!”                        Don’t f*ck it up with your shenanigans

“Who’s that girl who wrote on your wall?”          Because I’ll find that out too

“Yeah, that’s fine”                                                 It’s not fine, dumbass

“What you up to this weekend?”                          I’m indirectly asking you – to ask me – to hang out

“How many girls have you dated?”                      Do I have a little man whore on my hands?

“Are you working today?”                                     You should be

“Text me later”                                                      I’ll be waiting……………..

“We need to talk”                                                 You should already know you’re in the doghouse.

“Are you hungry?”                                                You are now because I want to eat with you

“I need a drink!”                                                   With or without you. With you, preferably

“Why was your phone off?”                                 What the f*ck were you doing between 3:30-5:25?

“Whatever”                                                           This is NOT over.


nat said...

WOW so so true

Anonymous said...

This girl has some serious trust issues and has obviously been dating the wrong type of guys...

Anonymous said...

Or needs to graduate from high school, hahaha. This is the jokes, for real. Date real women not little girls and you do not have to worry about such petty things.

Anonymous said...

dude..go on a serious dating blog if your sorry ass's can;t find any humor in this?? Get off line...and join the rest of the world. pathetic..its people like you tellin ya..

Anonymous said...


Miran said...

Anonymous...... Scared

Anonymous said...

No money_ No honey! Chase the money, don't chase the pu$$y,

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