Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Next Ten Commandments:

 By Nicole

11.) We want you to get to know (and love) our family, quirks and all. We want to get to know yours too.

   12.) Do NOT “what’s up” me via text message at 2am. Like hello, just don’t do it.
    13.) Girls want to be with a guy who is capable of apologizing. You know when you’re being an asshole, just like we know when we’re being difficult. If you’re wrong just admit it.
    14.) I could never, ever date a guy who is too macho to cuddle.
    15.)The way you treat your family, particularly the women in your life, says a lot about your character. I always take notice to the way a guy treats his mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts, and nieces.

    16.) Jack-Rabbit sex is not cool ALL THE TIME. Sure its fun, in like, 30 second intervals but enough is enough.
   17.) Nothing irritates me more than when a guy tries to claim that “girls don’t poop”. They most certainly do. It isn’t pretty but you just have to deal with it. To quote my friend Sabrina, “How could you possibly want to be with someone who would potentially break up with you for doing what is natural?! I mean, I’m not going to prance around and fart—but cut us some slack”.
    18.) There are times we want you to take control, but the majority of the time we appreciate you letting us decide on our weekend plans.
    19.) If we’re on a date do not check your phone every five minutes. It’s fucking ignorant.
    20.) We think it’s goofy that you point at the camera in pictures.


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