Monday, November 1, 2010

The Fly on the Wall - Part 2

By Benny Trrouble

So we continue along into the deep depths of the modern woman's psyche.  Again, for those that did not see the first part of this segment, I went around asking beautiful girls to answer six simple questions that pertain exactly to what us as guys want to know.  What I got back was a ton of information that will hopefully help you be just a little more ninja at getting the girls to blow you're mind (or hopefully vice versa).  So without further adieu...


 What biggest mistakes do guys make in winning your affection?

The biggest mistake guys make with me is thinking that I am a gold digger just because I'm a hot girl and they go on and on about how much money they have whether it be true or not and I am very far from being that type of girl! I also really hate when guys try to be all over me to fast, its the biggest turn off of all!!! 
  What do you hate most about guys?
     I hate that guys can hook up with a ton of girls and they are the man but when a girl does it shes a whore!!! I also hate how guys lead girls on and end up in relationships that they really don't want to be in so instead of being honest they just lie and cheat! Guys just suck in general and make me want to be a lesbian.
What is the best way for a guy to randomly approach you?
I'm sorry guys but the pickup lines have got to go, especially the one where the guy says "don't I know you" and he has never seen me before in his life! Its also ridiculous when guys come up to you and ask you for the time and they have a cell phone on them or a watch!  Come on guys!!! lol All you have to do is come up to a girl and say hello and introduce yourself.  Plain and simple.  If you are a confident guy then you should have no problem doing that and should do that because girls LOVE confidence!


How can a guy win you over?
He definitely has to be a true gentleman. Be honest and trustworthy at all times. Sometimes its the smallest things that end up being the sweetest things so just be yourself. Be able to open up and let a girl in, if you have your guard up then you're not giving yourself a chance to meet anyone. Being there for me when I need him, knowing how to make me feel better, and being able to put a smile on my face is always a great quality in a guy.

What do you think the biggest misconceptions guys have about you as a girl?
    Because I model and GoGo dance guys think that I'm easy which I'm far from!  They also think I am looking for some rich guy to support me which isn't true, I don't use people and and I wouldn't want to depend on anyone to support me. Also because I know a ton of people because I've been in the club scene like 7yrs or so guys assume that I have dated and/or hooked up with half of the guys that work at the clubs which I never have and I hate club heads so guys who are at the clubs all the time working or not, forget it, I'm not really interested in you.
What do girls really look for?
    Girls look for a confident but not cocky, down to earth, sensitive, respectable, sexy, passionate, intelligent, patient, loyal, understanding type of guy who also keeps up on his hygiene and the way he looks, yes we ask for a lot... sorry guys! We also love guys who workout and keep themselves in good shape and as for myself, I hate the guys who look like they're on steroids and their veins are popping out! That's gross!  But yes, a lot of girls are into that look! We also want a guy with a good personality who can hold a conversation.  It is also always good when a guy can actually make you laugh! Good chemistry and being a good kisser are also both totally key!! Just someone you can hang and have a great time with doing nothing at all is always great!

What biggest mistakes do guys make in winning your affection?
When guys try to hard it is a BIG turn off for me. Personally, I love getting gifts and being treated like a princess like any other girl, HOWEVER, I do not like pushy guys. When a man texts me too much and is getting one word answers back, I think they should take a hint lol.

What do you hate most about guys?
    I find that men are only attractive if they are at least 5 years older than me. I hate guys for this! LOL! It has taken me forever to realize this. I wish we all matured at the same level!

What is the best way for a guy to randomly approach you?
I     LOVE LOVE LOVE a simple smile and "hello." I cannot COUNT the most awful come ons or "can I buy you a drink?" lines. Yes you can buy me a drink once we have spoken for like a min. RELAX lol! A person is real when they just come up to you and say hello.


How can a guy win you over?
Good looks + sense of humor + independent (aka no living with mommy or roommates) = my ideal man. Sense of humor counts for a BIG part of it. If you can make me laugh hardcore all night, I'm YOURS. 

5.What do you think the biggest misconceptions guys have about you as a girl?
  GREAT QUESTION! I feel as though because I am a pretty girl I am interpreted as being' either easy, a snob, or intimidating to talk to. I'm NONE OF THOSE! I couldn't be more down to earth and people really get to see that once they know me.
What do girls really look for?
Simply put, girls look for someone who can keep the magic going. I get bored of men quickly. Again, someone who can make me laugh and surprise me and keep me on my toes! It's not all about looks sometimes! The most hot guys I find to be VERY boring or one dimensional!

  So that's it for this addition of The Fly on the Wall!  Are we starting to notice some similarities here?  Clearly girls like to laugh and they hate when guys lie.  Obviously it goes a lot deeper than that, but the point is, being yourself is much more important than trying to put on a facade that you think women are going to eat up.  Take the time to realize who you are and be confident about it, girls will respond much more to that than to the fake-ass piece of shit you're projecting yourself as by the bar. 
     GIRLS..If you want to be a part of one of these segments, please get in touch with me at

     Thanks for reading and if you have any good info, criticism, ideas, whatever, send it my way!


Anonymous said...

seems Jocie has issues. I'm just sayin'...

The Deal said...

I don't think she has issues, I mean, at least more than most everybody on this planet! I think that's a dismissive way of looking at things. If anything, it just appears to me that a lot of those things happen to her all of the time. She's clearly gorgeous so apparently she attracts a certain type of creep and its probably conditioned her to respond that way. Don't get me wrong, we're all a little mental and some of us are certainly more neurotic than others, but is it neurosis when other people beat ya down enough to make you feel a certain way?

Aykstacy said...

I love you all this blog is awesome!

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