Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Few Bulletpoints, Gentlemen

By Julie
Beauty and its Real Value
Beauty is power, however, looks only go so far, mean so little, yet it is valued so much. What does that say about people, what does that say about me? Many guys don’t even care if you're smart. I understand that the first impression on someone is your looks. However, looks only goes so far. They’re a lot of beautiful people out there. People are more lenient, kind and forgiving towards individuals they find good looking. However, beauty should not be the most important thing. Look further than the surface no matter how disappointing it may be so you don’t waste your time, in the end beauty means nothing. Being able to trust, rely and depend on someone are the only things that matter in the end. If a guy is not asking you questions about who you are, what your all about, and is only saying how beautiful you are, well its because they don’t care. And most likely the only thing they do care about is if you're easy and will go home with them that night.
Have you ever wanted something to be something so bad that you completely ignore what it really is. You grasp onto a little hope. You can’t wish something to be something. Just because you may wish there is that perfect person out there, don’t make a stranger who isn’t that person seem perfect just because you want it so bad. Or they seem to have a “thang going on.” Don’t overlook the obvious. The assholes you meet today, will still be assholes as old men. They are many mindless people running around out there acting on impulse without any true value as a human being. I guess we all fall for pricks some times. Pricks are spontaneous, unpredictable and fun. Then we are surprised when they turn out to be pricks. Fun may seem like an important quality in a man but fun doesn’t = good. You can’t change a guy. So don’t waste your time in trying and find someone that deserves you. The goal is not to settle for a person with a pulse, half a brain, whom you can tolerate that doesn’t completely get on your nerves. Sometimes girls feel like that no matter how much success they have, no matter how good looking they are, its not going to matter until they find the right guy. There’s a lot more to life than dating. So don’t settle for less or date tools and expect them to change. 
Does this not exist any more or has it ever? To me morals define you. If you don’t have any then your probably someone I wouldn’t be close to. I don’t live life on sporadic impulses without premeditated decisions. What happened to substance, integrity, character, loyalty, and respect. Good nature is important as well. Not just to you because they “like you” but to everyone. Someone who is truly kind is kind all the time to everyone. They would never just hurt you, but wouldn’t intentionally hurt anything or one. Where are the people who have depth to them, have character, not opinion less walking zombies that just act on impulses.. I want to hear what’s really on your mind, if anything is really going on up there.

The most attractive quality about a guy is that they don’t follow the crowd without questioning it. They think about, value and respect life. A guy is attractive when he is not just simple minded, but has a mind of his own. They don’t try to fit in any where. Gangster wannabes or clubber bedazzled fist pumping goons, they just are who they are, what ever that may be, secure with themselves and don’t care what anyone else thinks about it. They read in between the lines and question and evaluate their life. They just don’t exist and act on their primitive impulses or only care about partying. A man who thinks about their thoughts, looks further than the surface, they don’t just “do”. Not caring or wondering why they do what they do. A REAL person, brutally honest and REAL who doesn’t give a fuck. That is the most attractive thing a guy can ever portray. However, I often don’t run into that many people like this.

If you have a good guy then appreciate him. What means nothing to one person may mean more than the world to another. Always see what’s in front of you. This is something I remind myself everyday. 


jolie said...

LOVE THIS. when youre grey how beautiful you are really isnt going to MATTER; its so funny when a dude expects you to be an IDIOT just because you take care of your personal appearance.. and then are disappointed when you have more intellegence and intellectual insight than they can even begin to FATHOM.. keep up boys a pretty face isnt always what you think *
ALSO- real people do exist.. just takes weeding out the fake ones to discover who is REAL.. understand you 180 % on that :)

thats all

Shar said...

WOW Julie this post is amazing - really makes you see the inside workings of your thoughts. Guys need to realize there is more to women than just looks. :) Love you! you are am amazing person Julie!!

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