Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dont Be THAT GUY...

Who thinks chivalry is dead. For one thing chivalry has never been dead, and will never be dead. If you think its lame to open a door for a girl or pull out her chair in a restaurant, then you my friend are either dating the wrong girls or have no girl at all. Girls, like to be treated like they are special. Every girl has a little princess in her and when you open a door or pay for a nice evening out it triggers the inner princess. Trust me this is a good thing… no a great thing. If they feel like a princess then you must be the king. Don’t be that guy.


Anonymous said...

lmao please tell me this is a SICK JOKE . so u have this blog all ova FB to rub it in our faces & then u have the audacity to use this quote when u kno damn rite well where it came from. im guna vomit now.

Brian Nault said...

Im really glad you enjoyed it

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