Thursday, October 28, 2010

That Girl

For all you Romeos out there, prepare to twist your game up justalittlebit…so it actually works. So you want that hot girl at the end of the bar ?? YAAA you do. So now what? Are you gonna gawk at her? Think of a wicked cool pickup line? Offer to buy her a drink? Hmm, standard and lame. Wanna know what is more effective? Doing basically nothing, true story... better yet, END of story.
Based on personal experiences, and those from others, I say doing nothing.  Playing it cool, and making it look like your enjoying talking to your friends when your creepin on her from the corner of your eye... creepy, don’t do that... Ever. If a chick likes you, here’s what she likes: Obviously how you look. She doesn’t know a god damn thing about you…..and now she wants to. So don’t go home crying like a little bitch because some girl rained on your game…you shouldn’t have looked like a skeevy cave man. NO??? It’s like the people who go to weight watchers and attend those weekly meetings, asking what’s a healthy food they can eat. I mean I am no rocket scientist.. but uh, I don’t know, salad? Chicken? Don’t be upset for gaining 10 lbs…you shouldn’t have been pounding snickers all week. 

MORAL OF THE STORY IS THIS: A chick wants the guy across the bar to almost look at her as if he(you) just fell in love. Don’t rush into it so fast. If she likes you, she will make her drunk ass friend sit on the windowsill, puking, till the digits are exchanged. If you notice that she's lingering, or keeps reappearing, literally just go up to her and say “hi”. Straight up. If she’s gone, she’s gone. Just don’t let her see you give another broad those googley eyes. So work on that for now boys.
Love always
that girl


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