Thursday, November 25, 2010

Read Between HER Lines by Katie Utterback



Avoid an argument with your girl

by knowing beforehand what

she’s really saying…

Her Text                                             Translation

“What you do last night?”                                   Who were you with last night? Because I will find out

“I’m excited to hang out tonight!”                        Don’t f*ck it up with your shenanigans

“Who’s that girl who wrote on your wall?”          Because I’ll find that out too

“Yeah, that’s fine”                                                 It’s not fine, dumbass

“What you up to this weekend?”                          I’m indirectly asking you – to ask me – to hang out

“How many girls have you dated?”                      Do I have a little man whore on my hands?

“Are you working today?”                                     You should be

“Text me later”                                                      I’ll be waiting……………..

“We need to talk”                                                 You should already know you’re in the doghouse.

“Are you hungry?”                                                You are now because I want to eat with you

“I need a drink!”                                                   With or without you. With you, preferably

“Why was your phone off?”                                 What the f*ck were you doing between 3:30-5:25?

“Whatever”                                                           This is NOT over.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dont Be THAT GUY...

Who falls in love with a stripper. I know she makes you feel special, and I know she has that "look" in her eye like she wants you so bad. What she really wants is to get in to your pants.... pocket (the one that holds your wallet). Strippers only love six guys in there lives Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant, and Franklin. So go to a strip club for what its intended: tits and ass -not- wine and dine. Don't fall in love and Don't be That Guy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

What Happened to Dating...Like, For Real...

By Benny Trrouble

First off, sorry I've been MIA, I was traveling about and kinda all over the place.  Amidst my journey I ran into my good friend Carmen from the infamous rock group Carmen and Camille.  We were partyin' out in West Hollywood and she was kind enough to give me her whole take on the dating scene or lack thereof.  So do yourself a favor and check her hit single "Shine 4 U" as featured on MTV at and guys, pay attention...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dont Be THAT GUY...

Who is over 24 and never moved outta his parents’ house… and yes their finished basement still counts. Just because your passing it off as an apartment, it still shares the same plumbing as your folks. Trust me, a girl would rather you have a cramped studio to yourself rather than share a mansion with your family. If your main priority in life is online gaming, then discount this post. However, If you actually wanna lose your virginity then get your shit together man you’re not 15 anymore. Don’t be that guy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

C'mon, Be Real!

By Benny Trrouble Goodman
Do you know what I friggin' hate? When girls aren't real with me. Look, I don't care if you think I'm creepy, weird, annoying, whatever, just tell it how it is. How many times has a girl made you feel like she's into you or that she's down and then all of a sudden goes MIA? Not everyone is gonna dig ya, I know that, but have the courtesy to tell us. Stop with the "I'll hit you up next week" shit or the "I have to check my schedule" ridiculousness. Or even worse, you make plans with us and then last minute text us (not call) that its girl night and you had forgotten that you're chillin' with your friend Sara and you both had made plans six months ago and that if you don't hang right this fuckin' minute she's gonna be sooooooo mad at you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Worst Date Ever: Amanda

So we had been talking about new segments we had wanted to develop and one of the first ones to come to mind was the idea of people recalling their worst dates ever...for our (and your) amusement, of course. The first person we approached was my good friend Amanda, who you've seen on here before, so much thanks to Amanda for kicking off this segment with a tale of her own misery! If you have a terrible date story or know someone who does...send them my way at
~Benny Trrouble

The Worst
by Amanda
Dating: don’t get me wrong, I love getting dolled up and wined and dined, but I seem to always run into the WORST dates EVER! Let’s just say this should be on the show disaster date…

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

REMIX: She’s Just Not That Into You [PART ONE]

By: Katie

 I understand this is hard news for you to accept, because you’re the shit n’ all, but you can’t score every girl’s phone number at the bar. You just can't.  Usually within the first five minutes of your conversation, you can sense if a chick is diggin’ you or not. If her body language screams “I’M ALL SET WITH YOU ..?” then let it be dude. Taking the high road will at least make you look like a mature man. Don’t throw a temper tantrum, and then tell her she had a “but-her-face” anyway, as you gallop back along with your buddies giggling. But these situations will always arise, so learn how to take it like a real man.

EXAMPLE OF THE WEEK: “The Ignoree” If she has an excuse for the first 1-3 times you’ve asked her out, then dude…she’s just not that into you. If a girl gives you an excuse every time you ask her out then, most likely, she is just beating around the bush. She clearly gave you her phone number for you to call and ask her out, so her excuses usually exemplify her discomfort in legit shutting you down and calling it game over, when she’s responsible for your stalker-ish behavior in the first place. Ignoring her after her second or third shutdown will actually get you further than smothering her inbox.. daily. Women naturally like the chase for their attention, so when you’re no longer on board, it’s natural for us to wander back to you. This is better than constantly being reminded of your current, creepy, stalker self - blowing up our phone like you didn’t notice our no-reply back. If you notice yourself initiating a third attempt for a date, then just consider yourself an annoying telemarketer. Hang up the phone, bro…she’s just not that into you…

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